Here are a few of our plans for the upcoming semesters!


Condom and information Distributions

We plan to hand out free condoms and lube, and will have pamphlets on birth control options and STIs in student common areas throughout campus twice a week, starting in April! We will have flavored, magnum, lubricated, ribbed, studded, thin, ultra-sensitive, and non-latex condoms and both water-based and silicon-based lubricants! Specific locations and times will be announced soon, so be sure to stay tuned!


Speak-outS and It's On Us Pledge 

We will be partnering with SAPAC and the CSG Sexual Assault Prevention Committee to hold speak-outs for survivors of sexual assault. Speak-outs can be a healing and encouraging experience, regardless of whether or not you personally speak. Come join our community of survival and strength.

We are also taking part in the It's On Us national campaign to end sexual assault. We are participating by encouraging UM students to take the pledge pictured above and be allies, not attackers or bystanders.



STI Screening Event

We hope to collaborate with UHS and Planned Parenthood to hold a free STI screening event in Fall 2017. The event will provide students with same day HIV-testing results and Chlamydia and Gonorrhea-testing results within two weeks.